Leo Adef

“My work, is mainly about exploring everything that I did not dare to do in my teenage years while I am getting to know many stories of other teens who are going through what I went through a few years ago.” – Exclusive interview with Leo Adef, filmmaker, story teller, photographer.

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Danny by RashaunX

Between masculine and feminime – Danny photographed by RashaunX. He decided to photograph him behind glass, making him inaccessible, until you start to see him coming above the line of the glass. As a dancer he has a great butt so the story focused on that as well as his androgynous edge.

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Cachorro Lozano

“If that makes me or my art kinky then I’m okay with it, but there is also a very sentimental part in it, because we are all talking about desire in the end, both required and unrequited” – Interview with Cachorro Lozano, outtake of PNPPL zine 03.

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