Leo Adef

“My work, is mainly about exploring everything that I did not dare to do in my teenage years while I am getting to know many stories of other teens who are going through what I went through a few years ago.” – Exclusive interview with Leo Adef, filmmaker, story teller, photographer.

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Cachorro Lozano

“If that makes me or my art kinky then I’m okay with it, but there is also a very sentimental part in it, because we are all talking about desire in the end, both required and unrequited” – Interview with Cachorro Lozano, outtake of PNPPL zine 03.

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Marcelo Stockler

Marcelo Stockler took himself naturally to the path of visual arts. Based in São Paulo, Marcelo works on different personal and commissioned projects. Studied Interior Design and Photography, although this doesn’t define him. Exclusive interview about his artworks and photography for Pineapple.

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