Scott Ramsay Kyle

Mixed media artist Scott Ramsay Kyle plays with torsos, penises, muscular butts, exaggerating spectacle and the male form through over layering textures, colour, text and odd juxtapositions to re-appropriate his own version of the naked male.

The practice is centered around relationships, those present, past and future with a focus on both an aesthetic and empathetic sensibility, himself as the active participant in these confessional statements. His works plays between fashion and art, working on and off the body and the spaces in between to relay his textile art approach to the form.
Scott will exhibiting at the Paris Ass Book Fair in March at Palais de Tokyo, a self published book fair where he will have t-shirts, posters, zines and some extra ephemera with him.  He also planning a group show in London for end of this summer, artists to be announced, and a variety of art directed editorial projects coming continuously throughout the year.
We asked him to pick some of his favorite pictures and share each one’s story/reasoning.  See results below. 

Find Scott: @scottramsaykyle_2
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